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Load strings from resources (make usable with MAT)


_Consider supporting resources for localization.
Original suggestion by xperiandri:_

Could you add ability to load data from resources?
Because it is very inconvenient to create different xml files when you use Multilingual App Toolkit

For example, if tag is present but is empty than you search in resources.
Imagine that we have Data.xml with tag
<App Title="" Author="" />
And resources contain
Title "Some title"
Author "Some Author"

And in this case YLAD looks that tag Title s empty and searches in resources for resource with id that contains <TagName> in this case Title and so on.

And maybe using x:uid to define resource id prefix
<App x:Uid="YLAD" Title="" Author="" />
And resources contain
YLAD.Title "Some title"
YLAD.Author "Some Author"